How to write outlines faster

How to write powerful outlines faster (when you lack deep topic expertise)

Need to write an outline fast?

But don’t feel on top of your subject matter?

If it were a topic in which you had expertise, you’d easily pull an outline together. (More or less.)

But it’s not.

When you jot down your ideas they feel derivative and uninspired. You’re not sure if what you’re arguing is right. You feel out of your depth. Exposed.

You need to produce something darned good. That will build authority. But you just don’t have time to properly dive into the topic. To immmerse yourself in research. To become an expert.

What can you do?


2 proven tactics to bring dry B2B content to life (and captivate readers)

Has this ever happened to you?

You read through some new content you've been toiling over. But something's wrong. It feels – how should I put it? – less than inspired. A bit boring.

You imagine a prospect downloading your content.

She fires it up and reads a few sentences but you can see her eyes glazing over. She skims a few pages ahead. Tries again. Flicks across to her email.

A few hours later she’ll spot the barely-read document still open in her browser. She'll save it to read later.

But she won’t read it later.

Does the thought of all that wasted time and effort make you shudder?

Analysts influence on vendor shortlists

How to turn analysts into advocates (and nail bigger bids as a start-up vendor)

Tom hears his firm didn’t make the vendor shortlist.


He looks out the window and wonders. What’s going on here?

His company’s product is solid. Technically it kicks the butt of his competitors. Feedback from customers is stellar.

Yet when his firm bids for work with larger firms, too often it fails to make the shortlist.

White paper planning

3 questions to nail before you kick off your next white paper

Louise sits, glazing at her screen.

The cursor blinks. Reproachfully.

How can she describe what this darned white paper should have in it?

She racks her brain. Her mind aches with the heavy lifting. She’s frazzled.

There are just too many possibilities to cover with one hard-pressed budget.

How to hook your prospects with a captivating case study

How to hook your prospects with captivating case studies

Is your sales team angling for a case study to leave with prospects? 

Or are you keen to showcase customer success stories on your website? 

Great idea.