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Show your value. Get more leads. Boost your sales.


​Imagine you're out running on a hot day.

You’re dehydrated. Would a sign offering water catch your eye?

That’s the effect your web copy should have on prospects.

When a potential customer arrives at your site, she should see, at a glance, how you help solve a problem her company’s grappling with.

If she can’t see it quickly, you’ll lose her attention fast.

But if your copy convinces her your product solves the problem holding her company back? Job done.

She’ll get in touch. And you’ve created an opportunity to sell.

2 steps to creating persuasive web copy

Persuasive copy engages your visitors in seconds. Demonstrates what you can do for them. And instills trust. Most importantly, good copy nudges visitors to contact you.

Step 1 – Brief me on your product and target market

What market do you serve? How do your customers benefit from your product or service?

We have a briefing call so I understand:

  • Who your target customers are and what they care about – so your web copy speaks their language
  • How your customers benefit from your product – so your copy speaks to your prospects’ specific concerns
  • What’s distinctive about what you offer vs. your competitors – so we can make a persuasive case for why a prospect should choose your product
  • What questions and objections do prospects have before they decide to buy – addressing these in your web copy helps increase your enquiries
  • What do you want the reader to do next? What’s the call to action?

To write persuasive copy, I need to sneak into your prospects’ minds to understand their desires.

Our call gives me the details I need to capture their attention.

Step 2 – I turn your brief into persuasive web copy

I plan and write your web copy based on the information provided.

You get a chance to comment and suggest changes as two rounds of revisions are included. Please provide requests for revisions within 30 days of receiving the copy.​

Boost your web enquiries and sales

Your new web copy helps to:

  • Persuade more potential customers to contact you
  • Reduce pressure on your sales team by answering prospects’ questions in advance
  • Drive sales

Get started

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I’ll get back to you within two working days.

Margaret Ranken Principal Analyst, Machina Research

Jon is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him for any job that needs someone with a quick mind who will deliver results.

About me

I’m a B2B copywriter helping technology companies market their services so they can generate more leads and close more sales. Read more about my background in the telecoms and IT sector here.


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