B2B technology case studies


Sell more of your best projects


​Would you like to sell more of your best work?

Case studies help you close more sales. Because when you show how you’ve helped other companies succeed, prospects believe you can do the same for them.

By showcasing your best clients, you create more leads and close more sales for the work you’re most proud of.

And with the right process, creating a case study needn’t be time-consuming.

4 steps to creating your case study

Give your sales team the right marketing tools to win more business

Step 1 – Clarify your objectives

What would you like to achieve with your case study? What’s important to highlight in it?

We arrange a call to discuss:

  • Which company the case study will feature
  • Who your target audience is so I can tailor the language to the people you want to reach
  • What you want to foreground – e.g. a particular product, capability or market
  • Which hook will interest your target audience most so you can be sure they want to read it
  • Who I'll be speaking with at your client

This call takes no longer than 20–30 minutes.

Step 2 – Discuss with your team the project to be featured

I set up a call with your project manager or account manager to get the details of the project before I speak to your client. Together we gather the background information required to quickly tease out good material from your client.

On the call we discuss:

  • Which company the case study will feature
  • What problem your client was facing
  • What they asked you to deliver
  • How you ran the project
  • What results your client has seen

This call takes no longer than 20–30 minutes and ensures I can interview your client while taking the shortest amount of their time.

Step 3 – Interview your client and craft your case study

I arrange a call with your client to hear the story in their words.

In advance, I send them a set of questions based on our conversations so they know what to expect and can prepare.

During the call, I ask whether they're happy for us to publish actual figures showing the impact of your project. I make sure to get great quotes singing the praises of your team.​

Expect to receive the copy for your case study within 5 working days of completing the interview with your client.​

If you find any areas in the copy you'd like me to revise, that's fine. I carry out up to two sets of revisions, so you can rest assured you get the right tone and story to promote your business.

Please provide requests for revisions within 30 days of receiving the copy.​

Step 4 – Get sign-off from your customer

Once you’re happy with the case study copy, I ask your customer for their approval and make any adjustments they require.

Once they’ve given it their sign-off, you receive the final copy, ready for you to artwork it and add your company’s branding.

Create once, use many times

Your case study helps you to:

  • Market the best work you've done for your clients
  • Generate new leads
  • Close more sales
  • Win more of the work you want to do

Get more out of your case study by using it:

  • On your website – to showcase the clients you’ve helped succeed
  • At trade shows – to hand out to potential customers
  • At sales meetings – to leave with prospects to support your pitch

Let's get started

Drop me a message describing what you're looking for. Then we can set up a call to discuss how I could best help you.

I’ll get back to you within two working days.

Michal Bachman Managing Director, GraphAware

We wanted to create a case study for a recently completed project but didn’t have the time or experience to write one ourselves. Jonathan made the whole process easy, interviewing our client and ensuring we were 100% happy with the final text. It's proven to be an effective way to demonstrate what we can deliver and it's helped us in winning new business.

About me

I’m a B2B copywriter helping technology companies market their services so they can generate more leads and close more sales. Read more about my background in the telecoms and IT sector here.


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