B2B copywriting services for tech marketers

Catch the eye of  prospects in your target market, generate leads and close more sales with copy that's written with care and created without hassle

Attract traffic from prospects searching online

Create compelling content that draws in more of your target market as prospects start their research. For example, I write copy for:

  • Blog posts to attract relevant traffic to your site by answering the questions your prospects are asking in online searches
  • Ebooks that establish your firm's credibility,  providing early-stage prospects with an informative, easy-to-read intro to a new topic
  • White papers that build authority, for example by helping later-stage prospects understand the pros and cons of different approaches.

Strengthen your pipeline with lead generation

Need to generate more leads from your website? Or to nurture leads more cost-effectively through your funnel? I write:

  • Web copy that explains your product and service propositions clearly with a strong CTA to persuade prospects to take the next step
  • Landing pages that generate leads by promoting downloads of gated content offers—from white paper to webinar
  • Email nurture sequences to speed the progress of leads through your pipeline by keeping prospects engaged with relevant content.

Close more sales with persuasive sales collateral

Help your sales team close more sales with clear, engaging and persuasive sales collateral including:

  • Case studies that showcase your customer successes and help your prospects see their companies using your product or service
  • Data sheets that clearly explain the features and benefits of your products and services to prospects close to buying from you.

Shall we talk?

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I'll get back to you to arrange a call so we can discuss how I can best help you.

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We wanted to create a case study for a recently completed project but didn’t have the time or experience to write one ourselves. Jonathan made the whole process easy, interviewing our client and ensuring we were 100% happy with the final text. It's proven to be an effective way to demonstrate what we can deliver and it's helped us in winning new business.

Kate Ross Brand and Communications Manager, Vonage UK

Jon produced well-structured and engaging copy that will help generate leads for our sales team.

Fiona Campbell-Howes Managing Director, Radix Communications

We engaged Jon to work on a set of quite technical white papers, blogs and case studies for a client selling into the mobile telecoms industry. Jon has been thoroughly professional throughout: interviewing the client to get the right info, producing detailed documents with the right tone and level of technical information, and proactively handling the feedback and editing process with the client. I have been impressed with his writing and professionalism, and will certainly work with him again on technical, telecoms-focused content.