About me

I'm a London-based copywriter who works with B2B technology marketers—typically at software, telco and IT services companies.

I also work with agencies who work for B2B technology brands.

What's my background?

I’ve worked as a B2B copywriter for the past 6 years.  But before becoming a copywriter, I spent a decade working as a telecoms and IT analyst.

That involved analysing and forecasting demand for technology services. I also did needs analysis and bid evaluation work for firms upgrading their telecoms and IT services.

All of which experience comes in super handy when writing copy aimed at business technology buyers.

If you’re a marketer at a B2B technology firm selling software, telecoms or IT products or services, I'm likely to have written for or about firms with a similar background and market. I’ll be able to get up to speed on your proposition quickly. You’ll be in safe hands.

Why the shift from analyst to copywriter?

When I went freelance, the first service I offered was writing white papers as I was already familiar with writing those.

But clients soon asked me to write other types of content – ebooks, data sheets, marketing emails, landing pages, web copy…  To hone my copywriting craft, I took some copywriting courses, read a bunch of copywriting and marketing books and analysed a lot of copy to try and discover what made it tick.

And discovered I enjoyed writing copy.

It's the challenge of making complex products comprehensible. Of getting into the head of the person who’s going to be buying and working out what they need to know to take the next step. Of working out what’s gonna resonate most strongly with them.

Plus, I get to learn about fascinating new technologies while working with smart people at interesting companies. What’s not to love?

When I'm not writing copy?

Even in our age of shiny distraction gadgets, I still think there are few pleasures to beat getting lost in a good book. Beyond the written word, I do a bit of running. Nothing too serious. Just a gentle pootle around East London's lovely canal paths and parks a few times a week. It helps clear the old head and let it come up with new ideas.

What am I like to work with?

My clients tell me they value my professionalism. That they appreciate me being fully engaged, proactive and completely reliable. That I take the time to properly understand the brief, product, brand and target audience. That I ask good questions, make thoughtful suggestions and bring a fresh perspective. And perhaps as important, that they find me easy to work with.

Shall we talk?

Got a project in mind?

Drop me an email with details of what you're looking for.

I'll get back to you to arrange a call so we can discuss how I can best help you.

Email me at [email protected].

Ross Pow Co-Founder, idenk. Former Managing Director, Analysys Research.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Jon. His clarity of thinking, clever insights and good sense for how to get his ideas across distinguish him as a researcher and writer.